Help & Support Questions and Answers

It seems that I have not received any email from SMART after signing in.

Most likely, a spam filter in your email application has intercepted the message. You might find it in the "spam" or 'Junk E-mail" folder. If it is there, you need to right-click on the message, select "Junk e-mail" and then "Add sender to safe senders list". This will adjust the spam filter settings.

What are stages?

The majority of SMART tests report student understanding using stages. The understanding of students in many maths topics ranges from none, to basic, to more complex, then to complete.

  • If a student makes errors on the most basic items, his or her understanding will be reported as Stage 0. This will occur whether later more complex items are correct or incorrect. It will alert a teacher to a basic concept that is not understood.
  • If a student makes errors only on more complex items, his or her understanding will be reported as a mid-ranking stage.

Why are capable students sometimes reported at a low stage?

Even very capable students do sometimes have gaps in their understanding. If a low stage is reported it is a good idea to ask the student to explain his or her thinking to you to confirm the report.

Note that stages are assigned on the basis of student responses. It is possible that careless errors can interfere with a reliable diagnosis. However more incorrect answers are the result of faulty thinking than are due to carelessness.

Using ipads

Due to technical limitations, iPads currently can be used only for some SMART-tests. The screen size is small, and some types of questions need a more sophisticated browser in order to operate.
We would advise you to trial the test that you need on your ipad before making the quiz available to students.