"Smart-Tests" are a set of innovative tests, which provide teachers with an informative diagnosis of their student's conceptual understanding of most of the topics in junior secondary school mathematics. They are the product of research and development project, formally entitled "Supporting personalised learning in secondary schools through the use of specific mathematics assessments that reveal thinking" that is being conducted at the University of Melbourne. It was funded by the Australian Research Council Linkage Projects Program LP0882176 in partnership with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Victoria (2008 - 2010).


Your Privacy
The Smart-Tests team wishes to protect your privacy on the Web and in all ways that we connect with you.

Our Principles

1. Your privacy will be protected.

Smart-Tests shares no information we receive about you with third parties. This includes both traditional factual information (your name, school, etc.) and electronic, technical, Web-oriented information (your IPS address, email configuration, email address, etc.)

2. The privacy of your students is ensured.

The names of students are available only to their teacher (for identification purposes). Smart-Tests does not collect information about students. Student names, results and diagnoses are not available to employees of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development other than the class teacher.
Deidentified student results may be analysed by research staff on the Smart-Tests team to check the accuracy of diagnoses.

3. We do not share mailing lists.

Smart-Tests does not sell or exchange email lists.

4. You will not be spammed.

You will only receive email messages from us if you have selected a new quiz or if you are accessing results.



Your Right to Reliable Service
The Smart-Tests team wishes to ensure trouble-free and reliable service. 

If you have any questions and comments about this terms of service please Contact SMART Office .